What to Pack in Your Portable Chiropractic Doctor’s Bag


Making emergency late night house visits and patient care stops is something that every chiropractor is accustomed to doing. Whether it be your best patient who recently threw his neck out by sleeping wrong, or your friend who decided that Sunday at Crossfit was a perfect time to try and set a new personal record in the deadlift, we have all received these calls.

“Hey doc, I am in bad shape. Would you mind coming to my house and have you take a look at me? It would really mean the world to me, I can barely move.”

With that, we decided to give you a list of the most popular items to fill your chiropractic doctors bag (stethoscope not included).

8Portable Chiropractic Table

It all starts and ends with the table. In our opinion, the best portable table to date that we have seen is the ChiroLux Plus portable table series. They are lightweight, built well, have easy carrying straps and provide a super solid surface to adjust.

We like the Compex Edge 2.0 Portable unit for a variety of reasons. First, its build quality will last for years in your travel bag and the unit won’t break when your bags get tossed around the back of your car. Lastly, it has different settings outside the traditional tens units so you can do active recovery and rehab with the unit if needed.

The choice for this category is deep as it is wide. Cryotherapy as we all know can be either deep therapy (like ice packs) or topical (like a cream). For deep therapy we like the Colpac Clinical grade for a few reasons. The first is that these ice packs are not overly freezing cold. They provide a stable deep cold that lasts up to 30 mins when applied. Secondly, they are well built. Nothing worse than having a cold pack starting to ooze its guts out all over the inside of your travel bag. We usually carry two of them: One that we bring already cold and the other we toss into the patients freezer when we arrive.

5Muscle Massager- Hypervolt

Quite possibly one of our favorite tools to take on the road is our Hypervolt muscle massager. Its well built, has different head attachments, is quiet and works so well!

  • Cordless state-of-the-art percussion massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility
  • QUIET GLIDE TECHNOLOGY- whisper quiet percussion device
  • 3 SPEED SETTINGS deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute
  • UP TO 3 HOURS OF USE PER CHARGE- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

These silicon cups are great to use out on the road. They come with 10 different cups, have great suction, and come with a carrying case so you can throw them into your bags and keep them all in one place.

3Graston Like Tools- The Wave Tool

The only tool combing myofascial massage surfaces and IASTM edge technology to completely treat myofascial pain, restrictions, and adhesions. One thing we also like about this tool is that it is NOT made of metal, so we don’t get the friendly/unfriendly pat downs as we go through airport security. Check out The Wave Tool

2Kinesiotape- RockTape

  • THE WORLDS BEST TAPE: RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape, helps treat sports / non sports injuries: Ankle Sprain, Groin Pull, Hamstring Strain, Knee & Back Pain, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Runner’s Knee, Various Muscle & Joint pain
  • STRONG ADHESIVE AND BIG STRECTH: RockTape’s secret is in our high grade adhesives and unique fabrics; Unlike other kinesiology tapes, RockTape is designed to stay on longer, move and flex with your skin, and repel moisture
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: ZINC & LATEX FREE: RockTape is made safe for all skin types including those sensitive to zinc and latex; Water Resistant but For Harsh & Wet Conditions (Surf / Swimming) use H2O Tape

1Topical Cool Therapy- Sombra Cool

We know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to topicals in todays marketplace. Some people like Biofreeze, RockSauce, TigerBalm, or one of the hundred other companies out there. We still prefer Sombra as it can be used in combination with most massage techniques and provides a healing cold that lasts hours.