What is Circle of Docs?

10660095_10152727794536499_4849997478962575589_nCircle of Docs is a free to use social network that has been engineered specifically for the Chiropractic community. It will revolutionize every aspect of the profession by connecting a highly fragmented community allowing a platform for global communication, collaboration and resource sharing.

Members are able to instantly communicate, share resources, collaborate and proliferate the message of wellness through Chiropractic at an unprecedented rate on a global scale.

Circle of Docs has been developed around the idea of connecting Chiropractic as a whole rather than just DC’s. Everyone from CA’s to clinic employees; students to faculty; company owners to event organizers have their own distinct place and complimentary functions within Circle of Docs.

10364177_10152727793366499_8173092031221419337_nCircle of Docs is an important media dissemination and discussion arena. News, articles, features, product reviews, event coverage and a multitude of other media categories have been directly integrated into the framework. Members can participate in a multitude of ways ranging from simple commenting to publishing research that becomes increasingly visible to other members the more it is viewed and shared.

COD also originates articles and other media based on topics that our professional staff select. The goal is to produce fresh, relevant topics that appeal to a general audience while providing more targeted content aimed at specific niche groups.

Circle of Docs platform and conversational style of content encourages discussing sensitive issues, celebrating victories and openly defending ourselves from external attacks against Chiropractic.

In June of 2013 we uncovered a large amount of market research finding that the the public has a fundamental misunderstanding about what Chiropractic is and is not. Nearly 88% of prospective patients did not connect general wellness with the chiropractic adjustment, rather they associated chiropractic with only low back pain. Reviewing other polls and community interactions, it became clear that the public had a very narrow view of the profession and an even more narrow idea of the comprehensive benefits.

These statistics along with a few other startling discoveries prompted us to begin building in functions that will greatly increase the scope by encouraging member interactions with the general public. The goal behind this initiative is to drive potential students and patients to well rounded resources, articles and media within COD that will provide comprehensive education of total body wellness through chiropractic. Clarity of purpose and scientific evidence will aid in slowing the general decline and eventually help stimulate growth.


To answer the question, “What is COD?” we have summed it up into a simple description that has seemed to resonate with everyone:”A vast and powerful wellness network that will provide means for a community of individuals to create a tidal wave of influence and Elevate the Chiropractic profession.”