Top 5 Portable Chiropractic Tables for 2021


While there are many chiropractic tables out on the market, only a handful are considered truly portable. You may already have a stationary table and are looking for something more portable to expand your client needs or even expand your client base. With workplaces changing and transitioning to more remote or mobile practices, we may see a rise in house calls. For this reason, the portability of a chiropractic table is a feature more practitioners are looking into. In particular, the size/dimensions, weight, design, durability, adjustability, and accessories are key components to what makes a good portable table.

In this article, 5 tables are featured based on their overall performance that can suit your needs regardless of location.

#1 ChiroLux Table: ChiroLux Plus Price: From $675
Weight: 22 lbs
Pros Cons Designed in San Francisco, USA.
Includes carry-case
Lightweight Rapid shipping
Optional accessories: Arm Rest, Leg Extension, Cross Bar Customer support Limited color options
Does not include drop piece

ChiroLux Plus lead in this list is attributed to the number of features and value it provides customers. Despite it having limited color options and the drop piece not being included, this company is keen on giving their customers what they demand the most; customer support, fast shipping, and lightweight. Overall, given the price point and what customers get, this portable table takes first place.

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#2 Thuli Tables

Table: Thuli Tour Price: From $1275

Weight: 50-60 lbs

Made in USA. Strong, very durable Drop Tables
Long standing company
Many color options
Table weight, difficult to carry and transport Wait time- built to order No adjustable table height

This table is a close competition with ChiroLux given the reputation that it has, as well as the quality and durability of the product. These tables are extremely strong, with more color options as compared to others. However, the drawbacks are its difficulty in moving around because of its heavyweight as well as the time to receive it because the company builds them when you order. The price point is also noticeably higher than other brands.

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#3 Masterpiece

Table: Ultralux19 Price: From $625

Weight: 19 lbs

Color selection Light weightExtended shipping time High shipping costs Made in Europe Customer service is poor Limited accessories

The Ultra-lux 19 by Masterpiece stands out as one of the top 3 because of its price point, lightweight and color selection. For those looking for the lightest weight in the market, this table weighs only 19 lbs. You surely will not have a problem lugging it around. However, do keep in mind that shipping time and costs are longer and higher; and customer service erring on being poor, the ordering experience can be the drawback to this table.

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#4 Amazon + Devlon

Table: Therapists Choice Arena 180 Cost: Approx $389 (varies depending on seller)

Weight: 57 lbs

Quick delivery Incorporates 2 drop pieces
Very inexpensive Includes leg extension Built in arm-rest
Very heavy and difficult to transport
Table height is limited One standard color Stock is limited

The arena 180 is a cost-effective table with quick delivery. It also includes the leg extension, built-in armrest and 2 drop pieces. Although very attractive features to a portable table, it is extremely heavy sitting at 57 lbs, making it the heaviest in this list. The table height is also limited, possibly hindering the practitioners’ treatment procedure. The last time we checked, inventory on Amazon is also not available.

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#5 Lifetimer

Table: Travel-Lite Price: From $699

Weight: 26 lbs

Pros Cons

Made in the USA Includes leg extension Durable and built to lastNo drop pieces
One standard color One standard height

Similar to Masterpiece, the Travel-Lite has an attractive price point and weight. This table is also durable and will last. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback can be the deciding factor in practitioners. There are no drop pieces and height flexibility, possibly limiting the work quality of practitioners.

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Honorable mention: Lightlite

Table: Sport Edition Price: From $799.99
Weight: 32 lbs

Color selection Light weight Includes a caseExtended shipping time Customer service is poor
Made in Europe No available accessories

Lastly, the Sport Edition by LightLite is worth mentioning. Not the lightest or the heaviest, it sits at 32 lbs with a price point just a little higher than others on this list. As with ChiroLux, this table includes a backpack carrying case. However, similar to Masterpiece, shipping time is longer with limited customer support. There are also no available accessories but they do provide 5 position adjustable headpieces.

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What’s your favorite go-to Chiropractic Table? Do you have and use one of the ones mentioned about?