We all want to help as many people in our communities as possible, but for multiple reasons there are some groups of people that are a better fit for us than others.

Some groups are very narrow and small in their total population. It doesn’t mean that they don’t need help, but marketing to them and learning to specifically care for that population can take a lot of time, effort, energy and money without much return on those investments.

Other groups can be very specific with a very large population of people searching for help only to be frustrated because they can’t find results anywhere. This specific group of people is the second largest musculoskeletal complaint; number one is low back pain.

They are in constant pain.
They can’t function normally.
They can’t perform normal ADL’s.
They can’t live the life they want unless you help them, and there are tens of millions who are suffering.

We’re talking about people suffering from TMJ Dysfunction.

TMJ Dysfunction (TMJD) requires a very specific and different approach to care. If you don’t know how to specifically care for this population, you could potentially cause more harm than good.

As a chiropractor, you could be perfectly positioned to help TMJD sufferers. In fact, the research overwhelmingly supports chiropractic care with TMJ Dysfunction, and it’s researched and published by dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons in their own journals.

Can you believe that!?

The research done by oral care providers supports the work that you do as a chiropractor to provide care to TMJD patients. There’s a strong amount of research for the direct relationship of the cervical spine and the TMJ.

Journal of Applied Oral Rehabilitation
⦁ Patients with internal derangement of the TMJ were significantly associated with cervical spine disorders without the presence of subjective neck complaints.

Journal of Manipulative Physical Therapy
⦁ The position of the jaw, head, and neck are intricately linked.

Brain Science -> Dr Heidi Haavik
⦁ Dr Haavik and team’s research, “Knowing that spinal function can have an impact on jaw function has functional implications for patient populations. It is possible that chiropractic spinal manipulation may influence the clinical outcomes for patients with TMJ disorders”

As the treating chiropractor, you must understand that there are huge benefits in taking a team approach to TMJD. You need to know how to work with all the dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons in your community so they can do what they’re best at and then refer to you so that you can do the same in your office.

You’ll learn all aspects of how to evaluate and care for the Trinity of TMJ Dysfunction:
⦁ The condylar head
⦁ The muscles of mastication
⦁ The cervical spine

All three need to be addressed for optimal results, and we’ll teach you exactly how to do that at the next DrTMJD.com seminar.

Dr. Alex Vidan has trained hundreds of chiropractors from around the world how to provide TMJ care and how to market to Oral Care Providers. Dr. Vidan’s TMJD Seminar is a comprehensive hands-on technique and training seminar.

Docs who have taken Dr. Vidan’s seminar have amazing things to say about the effect the training has had on their practice life. Most docs receive at least 1 TMJD patient referral within the first week after the training!

The TMJD Seminar takes place in Dr. Vidan’s expansive office with plenty of room for hands-on practice. Plus, he brings in a professional videographer during the weekend to film a Custom Marketing Video for each doc to use for marketing their new and improved skills.

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Here is everything included in the TMJD Seminar:

Anatomy of the TMJD REFRESH
Mechanics & Deviations of the TMJ
Priorities of Treatment
Hands-On Technique Training and Practice
Rehabilitation and Treatment Exercises
Marketing to Cultural Authorities
What Leading Orthodontists Want
How to Consistently Generate Referrals from Oral Care Providers

Custom 60-90 second Edited Marketing Video to use for your Website/Social Media
-Special Guest Appearances by Oral Care Providers and other Experts
-One-on-One Hands-On Coaching with Dr. Alex Vidan
– St. Louis Style Happy Hour 
-Catered Lunch on Saturday
-Seats are limited due to the intimate hands-on nature of this course…BUT there’s still room at the next seminar. Save your seat before it’s too late!