The Purpose of Social Media for Chiropractors


Why would a chiropractor need social media? 

Let’s clarify the purpose of apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok for a chiropractic office. 

It’s an introduction. It’s a community. It’s storytelling. It’s education. It’s building trust before they ever drive to your office.

If we approach social media as just a tool to generate new patients, we miss out on a lot. 

Yes, you’re a business that needs more business. But at its heart, your office cares about people, treating them like family. And that’s what we need to translate into the virtual world. 

“I get most of my new patients by word-of-mouth referrals anyway,” you may say. “GoogleAds seems to be working for me.”

“I post on Facebook every once in a while to get my name out there,” you add. 

It can really be so much more.

The Power of Social Media

Do you think your ideal patients are not on social media? Statistics say they are. In 2019, Facebook estimated 2.5 billion active users monthly. That’s not including all the mamas on Instagram, teens and tweens on Tik Tok. 

You can build connections, have conversations, engage and educate. Social media has the power to extend your reach, building your “like, know and trust” factor. 

Make social media your megaphone for referrals and testimonials, because you are storytelling about lives transformed. 

People are influenced all the time as they scroll, whether they realize it or not. When they see some Instagrammer wearing mom jeans, they think maybe they could pull off that look too. Even though they hated them as a teen. 

For the most part, social media are free platforms. There’s a lot you can do to get organic growth on social media, though you can also do some strategic ads.

Best of all, it works while you sleep, spend time with your family, adjust your practice members, travel and manage your business. Especially if you delegate social media management and stay in your zone of genius.  

Now maybe you feel like your medium-sized following isn’t bringing you any actual dollars in the bank. That may be. Without a strategy and consistency, social media doesn’t go much further than just “getting your name out there.” 

Engage with your Audience

I joke that I write better than I speak. We all forget part of what we wanted to say. Or we’re embarrassed to say something in the moment. 

Social media gives your practice members a chance to stay connected with you beyond the brief time they saw you in the office. (That means when they comment on your post, you need to reply.)

Maybe you spoke at an event at Whole Foods, or you did a “lunch and learn” at a business. Those folks will think about what you said later, after you closed the office. Will they remember their question in the morning, call and ask? 


Social media gives these new leads an opportunity to ask their question in Facebook Messenger or Instagram DMs, with flexibility and privacy. As they search your name, it also helps authenticate you as they see the tone and quality your brand represents online. 

Engage with your Community

What’s happening around your town? Did you know that social media is a great way to get around without actually having to get around?

What business are the favorite haunts of your ideal patient? They may align well with your brand for collaborations, promotions, giveaways and events. Follow those businesses’ accounts and support them, engaging with their content. If a local juice bar has a sale, maybe you comment on their post and share it.  

Here’s a few ideas of businesses that may partner with you.

  • Health food store
  • Yoga studio
  • Local gym
  • Trainors
  • Mental health professionals
  • Coffee shops and restaurants
  • Moms’ blogs 

Another great way to be involved locally online is Facebook groups. Search for “What’s happening” and the name of your city. You can also search for groups more specific to your brand, like local mom groups or sports. 

Commenting and answering questions in these forums is a wonderful way to get local ears on your message.

Then when you have an event or a post that really explains your “why,” share it in these groups. 

Not all groups accept “salesy” posts from businesses, so be sure that you comply with their rules. However, events are frequently welcomed posts. Plus, you can be sure the views will be local to you.

You Are The Secret Sauce

It can feel awkward to put yourself out there. 

Maybe you feel that posting your vacation photo on your office page makes it all about you, and not your practice members. Here’s the thing though; I said photo (singular), not an album of 135 photos.  

Post an appropriate vacay photo of you and make the caption about your audience – do they prefer beach or mountains? Where is their dream destination? How do they recharge with family? I bet it’ll be your highest performing post for the month.

Why? Because people are on social media for entertainment and they want to engage with you as a real life person. 

I doubt that your chiropractic office is cold and clinical – your social media doesn’t need to be either.

YOU are the reason they drive past other offices…to come and see you!

You don’t need to sacrifice your privacy or share divisive personal opinions. Going back to the vacation photo, you don’t even need to say where you were! Just a post that shows your face and/or shows a bit of who you are. 

Here’s some examples:

  • You with your pet
  • Your coffee shop drink of choice
  • A book you’ve enjoyed
  • A community event you attended
  • Your guilty pleasure
  • What you did around the house (yard work, projects etc.)
  • Something that inspired you lately
  • One part of your healthy lifestyle 

Where to Start

Take some time to think of a few main topics that describe the heart of your office (i.e. Pediatrics, Function, Community, Sports, Core Principles etc.). Those can help guide your social content.

Write down various types of content. Include some links to your website, shares from local accounts, testimonials, quality office photos and educational tips. Think about what will bring value to their lives.

Make a plan for how often you’ll post and cycle through content. Keep your expectations reasonable though.

Brain dump ideas! Talk to your staff about FAQs. Poll and ask questions from your audience (Instagram Stories is great for that!). 

In your posts, tell your audience what you’d like their next step to be (comment with their answer, click the link to your website, or come in for an adjustment.) Don’t make it the same thing every time, but get them used to engaging with you. 

That may seem daunting. Just remember that social media is supposed to be entertaining, so have some fun with it too and just be you. 

Jenna Quentin

Jenna serves chiropractors with Adjust Your Media, a marketing agency for content creation and social media management. She also offers ready-to-post chiropractic content in her shop, with memes for engagement, quotes and holidays. Jenna’s a fire wife, mom of 4, cheese aficionado and word nerd with a background in journalism and freelance writing for websites and magazines. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @adjustyourmedia