Long are the days when only old people were accustomed to suffering from lower back pain. This is now a common phenomenon even to the younger generation. Even though the older generation still takes the lion’s share, anybody can suffer back pain. Such pain can mess your life up if nothing is done to correct it. Before we help you get some tips on fighting back pain, let’s first understand what back pain is…


What is the back pain?

Ideally, back pain is a common phenomenon where there is an altered sensation in the muscles, joints or ligaments in the lower portion of the spine which transmits a source of

pain to the body. The cause of lower back pain is still unknown but is commonly due to a number of various issues especially when there is no specific incident that causes it e.g. lifting, carrying or picking something up. Some of the things we often ignore can be very vital in addressing the back pain problem like for instance:


The right sitting position

For those of you who have desk jobs, most of your time isspent seated. It may look normal, but if your sitting position is not right, it could be the reason for your back pain. To prevent any harmful effect as a result of your sitting position, it is important that you sit properly. This means, our back needs to be leaning back comfortable against the chairwith your feet flat on the floor all the time. In regards to using computers, yourchair must be close to your keyboard to avoid leaning forward and putting pressure on your lower back.


Regular stretching

As normal as it may feel, stretching your back is important in preventing back pain. Stretching relaxes the back muscles by eliminating any emerging tension and elongating and potential tight muscles. It must, however, be noted that when stretching careful consideration should be taken. This is essential because any wrong action may cause more problems. Stretches should be done smoothly and periodically stopping when it causes pain at any given time. It is always important to consult a health professional so the best stretches for your individual situation are advised on.If you are looking for a Sydney CBD chiropractor the health therapists at Spine and Posture Care specialize in specific stretching and rehabilitation programs. Once this is established, you can be more specific with your stretching activities on a regular basis to effectively relieve back pain.


Comfortable sleeping position

The best sleeping position to prevent back pain is a commonly argued pointbut generally sleeping on your side is the most effective. Sleeping on your back can still be ok for some while sleeping on your stomach should be completely eliminated.

If you are experiencing back pain try sleep on either side with your knees slightly bent and a pillow between your legs. This can help reduce pressure on the discs in your lower back and give you a more comfortable sleep helping reduce your pain.


Over-the-counter medication

While relying on medication when experiencing pain is never recommended some medication can help to reduce the intensity of your lower back pain and give you short term relief. Especially in the case of acute lower back pain (first 48-72 hours) taking an anti-inflammatory type of medication can help reduce inflammation and allow you to feel a reduced sensation of pain.



When lower back pain strikes, the muscles around the area of pain tighten causing a reduction in movement and stiffness. Getting a massage on these tight muscles can help reduce some of the tension that you are experiencing and eliminate your lower back pain. While it may not be a cure for the underlying cause of the problem it can atleast help give you relief in the short term.


Keep moving

While it is commonly thought that to reduce pain you hold rest and stop moving, this is contrary to what you should be doing. Movement is often the last thing you want to do since it causes discomfort but allowing your joints and muscles to work will promote a reduction in lower back pain.

You don’t need to run a marathon but going for a slow walk or even walking in the water will allow for movement and reduced inflammation in the back.

Author Bio:

Dr. Mark El-Hayek is a graduate from Macquarie University Sydney, Australia with a Masters of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Medical Science majoring in human anatomy, physiology, and neurobiology. To help people in pain, he opened Spine and Posture Care in 2013 with a view to treat those who suffer from the pain in the spine and back. He has used his experience to implement several new methods to treat those who suffer from the pain in the spine and back. He takes pride in varying his workouts to address individual deficits, avoid injury, maintain enthusiasm, and maximize results to get rid of pain for ever.