Paper, Paper…Read All About It!


70f5620f7507945bf3b60230baac1b71When you think about the words “hot off the press news ” my mind always conjures up the image of a 14yr old boy wearing knickers and flat cap standing on the corner shouting out the latest headline that were delivered curbside that morning.

However, when I think about chiropractic news my mind goes to boring trade journals and antiquated newspapers that are have been pre-set and written months in advance.

See a problem here? We at Circle of Docs did too!

How is one supposed to know what is bleeding edge news and relevant headlines if the content was pre-written 90 or 120 days in advance?

That is why Circle of Docs has built in the most robust news reporting technology available today.

Not only can our staff produce news stories in real time, but we have also enabled the technology on our framework to allow the members of the community, to contribute news as well.

So, no more waiting for the next trade journal to come out in three months to learn about what is going on in our profession, just point your browser over to Circleofdocs and engage and be a part of the profession.