KT Tape Product Review

KT Tape ReviewKT Tape Product Review

This week we got our hands on a popular Kinesiological Tape Called: KT Tape

Price: $19 a roll
KT Tape
KT Tape US/ KT Tape AUS

According to their website:  “KT TAPE is made up of reinforced 100% cotton sheathes (ORIGINAL) or specially engineered, ultra-durable synthetic fabric (PRO) designed to provide durability and increased strength. These materials provide uni-directional elasticity- allowing the tape to stretch in length but preventing the tape from stretching in width. These fibers are made to provide stable support without restricting motion.

KT TAPE’s unique Matrix Mesh also allows for moisture release which is critical for comfort and wear-ability. The more porous the tape’s weave, the better it releases moisture caused by sweating or being worn in the water. The design provides more breath ability and release of moisture so that it is comfortable to wear for up to five days at a time without itching, irritation or reactions with the skin.”

We were first introduced to KT Tape from some of our members  who patients brought in strips to their office to tape them.  Unlike other companies; such as Kinesio Tape or Rock Tape this tape is pre-cut into 10 inch long strips.  The members whom we interviewed about the tape had this to say:


1. Individual 10 inch Strips are Pre-Cut for ease of use. Each strip is held together by a perforated edge and can be pulled apart with ease.  We found this great when you did not want to cut strips yourself or wanted to just stuff a few in your travel case on a way to a event.

2. Rounded corners are nice to have.

3. Diverse range of colors and patterns

4. Great Instructional Videos on their website demonstrating how to use products. HERE is one showing how to tape for Shin Splints



1. The “Y-strip” idea is pretty much worthless. It’s very hard to apply a single, long strip without having the strip split in the middle.

2. At the split edge of the tape, the ‘middle’ edges (the edge created when splitting the tape lengthwise) are not rounded, so they catch on things and refuse to stay down

3. Adhesive seems weaker than ‘regular’ Kinesio tape. In our testing the tape came off after just hours of wear.  Also, when the tape got wet, it sloughed off. (not a good sign if you are a swimmer or water polo player).  They do have a product called: UltraStick,  which claims “to provides a smooth water proof adhesive surface for applying tape in extreme conditions.” ( We did not test this product)


What is your opinion of KT Tape? Do you use it in your practice? In your opinion how does it compare to the other kinesiotape products on the market?



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