Do you routinely convert 85% of your new patients into long term wellness patients?  If the answer is No, then perhaps its time to sharpen up your skills on your Report of Findings.

Zaino-picEarlier in the week, Circle of Docs sent out an email to our members (if your not a member yet, please join) to check out Dr. Chris Zaino’s Masterpiece Report of Findings.

The response has been incredible.

Thousands of Chiropractors have watched and engaged in Video #1 of the Masterpiece Training Series and the feedback has been amazing!

For those who don’t know Dr. Zaino, he runs one of the largest Chiropractic offices in the world. It’s really an amazing practice. (His office consistently sees over 2,000 visits per week and generates millions of dollars per year!)

One of the reasons Dr. Zaino was able to build such an amazing office was because he converts a high percentage of new patients to care in his office (multiple thousand dollar care plans – all cash, no insurance).

He contributes this ability to a procedure he has perfected over the years, his Report of Findings.


Dr. Zaino has created a multiple-video training series, just for you, that will take you step-by-step through his Report of Findings or “Doctor’s Report”, and show you exactly how he does it.

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To take this one step further, Dr. Zaino not only gives you his insight into how the report of findings should be done, but brings in two of the world’s best coaches to fine tune yours.

In video #2 of #3, Dr. Zaino will introduce you to his personal Chiropractic Coach, Dr. Fred DiDomenico. Dr. Fred’s communication systems are the most effective, researched and advanced spinal correction conversion techniques in the profession.

There is a ton of valuable content on this video that will revolutionize your report of findings, financials, and conversions in your office. Go ahead and dive right in, watch the entire video.



This training series won’t be available forever. I highly recommend you take about 45 minutes out of your day to watch this entire video. I know you’ll be glad you did!

Please make sure you leave a comment under the video. Dr. Zaino reads them all, and tries to answer every question. If you have a question, chances are someone else has the same one, and can benefit from the answer as well.