Written by COD Member: Dr. Kline

Lets face it, running a spinal screening at a local mall or county fair can suck at best. Standing on your feet for 10-12 hours, being hot, sweaty, and trying to wrangle people into your booth can be very difficult… at least it was for me.

When I first got out of school I felt like every weekend I was doing some sort of spinal screening.  The doctor I was working for handed me a few outlines from a “Chiropractic coach” and told me that I would “learn it on the fly”.

ChiropractorTo be 100% honest, I never really felt confident in what I was doing at those screenings nor did I find that I had the right amount of information to present to the potential patient.

I was failing and worst,  I was questioning if Chiropractic was the right career choice for me.

I was lucky if I would convert 1-2 people at each of those screenings.

After about six months of getting nowhere, I was just about ready to throw in the towel and say screw these screenings they don’t work!

Luckily, I came across an interview that COD did way back in 2013 via Youtube with Dr. Beau and Dr. Tabor Smith and it got me thinking that maybe I was the reason something was wrong with my screenings and that was why I wasn’t having success.

So, I signed up for Dr. Tabor’s The Screener product.

I will say that it was quite a commitment for me at the time, $247 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, but Dr. Tabor offers a 100% money back, so I assumed if it didn’t produce I would just return it.

The first thing I got when I signed up was an email from Dr. Tabor welcoming me into his program.  It said he is shipping the Dvds in the mail and gave access to his online membership site.  He even included his phone number and email address just to make sure if I had any questions that I could reach him.

When the package arrived it contained the following:spinal-screening-dvds

– CD: This contains all the paperwork and handouts that you will need for your screenings.

A quick note: I was not using anything for my screenings that were as robust as what is given. I literally had a few pieces of paper with lines to sign people up and an intake/body form.  This CD goes above and beyond.

– Training Video: This is the meat of the product.  Not only does Tabor talk about what to do at the screenings, he literally walks you step by step through the process from how to capture a potential patient, walks them through the whole screening process, and shows you how to close the sale.   Basically, you can take this one DVD and learn everything you need to know and have confidence to translate it. Tabor even gives the exact scripts he uses…its dead simple.

– Audio CD:  This to me was such a cool bonus. He shares how he takes people who say NO to his offer at the screening and then calls them the next day on the phone for a follow up.  I tried it out after a screening, and I will say I fumbled the first two or three times (I think I was just nervous), but soon after I was scheduling 75% of these people I called.  It was awesome to gauge people’s response once they started talking to you. I think the personal connection was what makes this so powerful.

A couple of other goodies I found valuable in the content:

  1. This program explains the role of your Chiropractic Assistants and how they should perform during the screenings and what they should be saying.
  2. How to use technology, mainly the posture screen mobile app, to help catapult your screenings and delivery.

Included in the price was access to the Online Membership which also includes a bunch of extras:

  •  All the Dvd’s he sent, are also online in the membership portal, so you can view from any device.
  •  A detailed Posture Screen Mobile and Webexercises videos show what exercises to prescribe patients.
  • Dinner Workshop- This explains how to conduct a dinner workshop AND gives you the exact PowerPoint ( with instructions) on how to use it!
  • A Screening Poster that he uses at his screenings
  • Dr. Fred Didomenico aka Elite Coaching  shows you how he screened over 1,000 people to obtain crazy great results.

Here are some pics from the inside of the membership site:

Tip: I did one other thing that was not covered in the DVD’s that I think COD members will benefit:

I created an autoresponder email series (via Aweber) to send to potential patients I met.  It is a simple 5 part email series where I check in with them, offer some helpful tips ( spinal and lifestyle) and offer to check their spines if ever needed. You may want to try this out for yourself and monitor the success rate.

In conclusion, I would say that this product is probably one of the top two or three info products that I have bought for myself that translated into almost instant success. Before this product I was lucky to get 1-2 new patients per screening. After using the product and using the techniques described by Tabor I almost always register 20-25 new patients by the end of the day.

[quote_box_center]A special note to Dr. Tabor:
“Thank  you so much for creating this.  It is my hope that other doctors can take advantage of your knowledge and help our profession serve more people. Thank you for making the instructions so easy and clear to understand.” [/quote_box_center]

Now, go check out The Screener, and let me know what your results have been!