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Master the Cutting-Edge New Paradigm of Health Care
(Not “Disease Care”) That Brings You Higher Earnings and Unsurpassed Patient Satisfaction

  • Become the Hero Who Heals Difficult Cases
  • Provide Root-Cause Diagnosis and Treatment Without Surgery or Drugs
  • Help Patients With Chronic Conditions Regain Wellness and Health
  • Use Scientific Assessments to Work Less Yet Earn More, and Become the Doctor- in-Demand in Your Community

If you’re tired of feeling inadequate in the face of patients in despair from poorly diagnosed illnesses, or if you’re just plain tired from working day and night to relieve your patients of suffering and pain, Functional Medicine may be the answer.

This 21st-century diagnosis and treatment system considers the whole patient and complements many kinds of existing medical practices.  Functional Medicine gives you a way to uncover, scientifically, what actually lies at the root of a patient’s problems.  It tells you precisely what the patient needs in order to achieve a restoration of their health – not just temporary respite from their symptoms.

Equip yourself to help patients burdened with hard-to-heal chronic conditions like arthritis, digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, stress, depression and recurring pain.  Become able to “crack the code” of mysterious ailments that have resisted other practitioners’ efforts.

Use the additional income stream from incorporating Functional Medicine into your practice to work fewer hours, pay off your loans or take more dream vacations.  Besides the academic instruction and assistance in its real-life applications, you learn how to integrate these cutting-edge methods into your new or existing practice.

Working Doctors Love Our Practical, Convenient Learning Program

Functional Medicine University offers the most convenient way to learn this new, evidence-based medical detective system.

  • Go at your own pace. Instead of conference-style teaching, where you are bombarded with module upon module, with time out only for meals and a little sleep, you space the lessons out and go on to the next one when you feel ready for it. You’ll feel more confident using what you learn from us, because you have the opportunity to integrate new ideas step by step with what you already know. By taking the exam at the end of each module, you’ll know whether or not you mastered that topic area along with satisfying a requirement for certification. If for some reason you don’t pass the exam for a module, you simply review the material and get tested again. The course concludes with a final exam, which you also take whenever you feel ready for it.
  • Accommodates all learning styles. Enjoy video learning? Each of the 100 or so training videos in our curriculum takes about one hour to watch. If you get interrupted, you can resume where you left off. If you want to review a section of a particular lesson, you can do so whenever you want to. Are you an auditory learner? Listen to the lessons on your iPod or audio player while driving or working out, or review them that way before taking the final exam. If you’re more visual, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to print out all the slides from the videos and take notes beside them. You also get PDF summaries of the main points in each lesson.
  • Fits your unique schedule. If you’re a night owl, tackle the lessons after the rest of your household has gone to sleep. Or set aside weekends for your FMU education. You are in total control of when you learn. Most people complete the Functional Medicine training in 6-7 months, with about 10 hours a week of study. However, you have “forever” access to your training materials and 12 full months of access to the case study reviews and online forum.
  • Interactive. The FMU program includes four kinds of student/instructor interaction, so you have every conceivable opportunity to ask questions, be guided and become confident in applying what you’re learning. With the clinical hot-seat calls, your instructors critique your initial patient reports. With clinical case reviews, students present a full case workup for comments and suggestions. Q&A sessions take place after the hot-seats and case reviews. And finally, our password-protected discussion forum lets you ask anything at all related to Functional Medicine and receive answers, typically within hours.
  • Practical. Our motto is “techniques you can apply in your practice tomorrow morning.” In addition to scientific grounding in Functional Medicine assessments and treatment protocols, you learn the most time-efficient methods of incorporating lab tests into the flow of your work with patients. Also, after you complete the entire program satisfactorily, you are eligible for referrals from our ever-growing pool of patients hungry for the answers that only Functional Medicine provides.
  • Accredited. Earn CE/CME credits from your professional organization. We are approved for continuing education credits for Chiropractors, Naturopaths, MDs, DOs, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Dentists and Acupuncturists. We are also an approved provider for The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).
  • Flexible. If certification and credits aren’t part of your educational plan, you’re welcome to take full advantage of our Functional Medicine educational resources without the exams. Again, you’re in control. It’s worth mentioning also that a wide range of health care professionals enroll in the program — MDs, nurses, acupuncturists and nutritionists as well as chiropractors and naturopaths. Although our program has no formal prerequisites, please make sure you some sort of formal medical training with a knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  • Cost-effective. Unlike in-person training, our lessons do not require you to close your practice, hop on an airplane and stay in a hotel for a week or more in addition to the educational cost. With Functional Medicine University, you have no additional expenses and no lost earnings while you learn. You pay our reasonably priced tuition fee, and that’s all.
  • Affordable. If you would rather not pay the program tuition all at once, just take advantage of our in-house financing plans. Pay in six months or twelve months, instead of just one payment when you enroll.
  • Guaranteed. No one else lets you try out their program, with complete access to all the course materials, for a full 30 days! If you enroll and discover Functional Medicine University is not right for you, simply tell us any time during the first 30 days, and we’ll refund everything you paid with no hassle and no further obligation on your part.
  • Friendly customer service. We aim to please. Any time you have a logistical, billing or other question, you receive prompt answers and help.

Of course, none of this would amount to much without the priceless contributions of your instructors.

Meet The Founder and President

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S.

Ron Grisanti is a board certified chiropractic orthopedist and a diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He also holds a master’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Bridgeport.

He is past chairman of the South Carolina Chiropractic Peer Review and serves on the South Carolina Chiropractic Investigative Committee.

He has had extensive training in functional medicine. His list of training includes:

  • Graduate of Applying Functional Medicine in Practice through the IFM
  • Personally studying with the late Dr. Bill Timmins of BioHealth Diagnostics
  • Completing the ACE (achieving clinical excellence) from Genova
  • Advanced training from Metagenics, Metametrix and more…

His 35 years of clinical practice has positioned him as an authority in the management of a variety of chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, digestive disorders, anxiety and other common ailments. Following a two year period of a debilitating illness, Dr. Grisanti changed the course of his practice toward functional diagnostic medicine and has never looked back.

His passion for Functional Medicine has led to an exciting educational journey from some of the best minds in this field of medicine. In turn he has been able to impact the health of thousands of people and commonly has patients fly in from within the US and abroad to consult with him. He has developed what he considers to be the best waiting list practice.

He has authored two books on the functional medical management of arthritis and obesity.

He has authored well over 1,000 articles including the following, some of which have been published in leading chiropractic journals:

  • A Nutritional and Functional Medical Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lowering Blood Pressure with Nutritional Medicine
  • Nine Powerful Supplements to Reverse Heart Disease, American Chiropractor, Volume 27, Issue 10, 8/30/2005
  • Scientific Breakthrough Diagnosis and Treatment for Fibromyalgia
  • Taking Care of Baby Boomers, Chiropractic Economics, May 2005
  • How to Treat and Prevent Asthma Attacks with Nutritional Medicine, The American Chiropractor, Volume 28, Issue 1 Published:12/30/2005
  • Diagnostics Boost your Credibility and your Income, Chiropractic Economics, March 2006
  • Magnesium and Sudden Death
  • Toxic Teacher Syndrome: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • Cellulitis: Traditional and Alternative Treatment Options

He has a sincere love for this work and is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge with others.

Here’s A Module-By-Module Breakdown of This Training Program:

Module 1 – Introduction to Functional Medicine 

Functional Medicine Thinking Process: This lesson will provide a clear overview of the Functional Medicine thinking process.

Module 2: Assessment and Treatment of Digestion, Absorption, Mucosal Integrity, and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

In this module you will see how the health of the gut is so incredibly important for the overall health of the body.

Module 3 – The Immune System

In this module you will examine the normal physiology of the immune response and look at factors that can cause allergies and auto-immunity and the emergence of chronic disease

Module 4 – Energy Production, Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Module 5 – Inflammation

Module 6 – Detoxification and the Liver

Module 7 – NeuroEndocrine Regulation: The Adrenals, The Thyroid and Sex Hormone Regulation

Understanding the physiology of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-thyroid-sex hormone axis: We will focus attention on individual hormonal systems giving particular attention to adrenal, thyroid, male and female sex hormone regulation. We’ll look at the many ways these systems become dysfunctional and examine the impact this has on human physiology.

Module 8 – Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Balance

In this module we will explore the role psychological, emotional and spiritual balance play in health and wellness. We will explore the functional approach to helping your patients manage stress.

Module 9 – Structural Integrity

In this module you will learn a proven system of structural and myofascial rehabilitation that will take your clinical management to the next level.

Module 10- Nutrition Module:

In this module you will learn a detailed understanding of herbs (botanicals) and its application to health issues

A Small Investment That Pays Off in Many Ways

The Functional Medicine University training program, covering all the knowledge and techniques described above, costs just $2495.

Because of strict Federal Trade Commission regulations, we cannot make any specific earnings promises for graduates of our program. However, we invite you to consider what the following would be worth to you, not just immediately after you complete the training, but also for years to come:

  • A new income stream from Functional Medicine assessments that require little extra time from you, while enabling you to heal patients more deeply and thoroughly.
  • More appointments from patients who are thrilled with the improved wellness and better functioning you are bringing to them.
  • Greater numbers of referrals from those who have experienced and seen dramatic improvements in health.
  • An ever-rising community reputation as the cutting-edge doctor who helps people with complaints that other practitioners cannot resolve.

Your Enrollment Includes These Bonuses:

If you’re still on the fence, consider these three bonuses, each of which on its own would cost what you’re paying for the entire Functional Medicine University program.

Bonus #1: Our Functional Medicine Marketing Blueprint

Use our proven, “turn-key” marketing system to steadily build your functional medicine income while working on it only a few hours a week.

The blueprint contains details on everything from how to get the patient in the door to how to bill for Functional Medicine services and how to present your findings and recommendations for the patient’s acceptance. Learn how to easily distinguish your practice from the competition and grow its respect and prestige in your community and beyond.

Discover the best no-hype, no-nonsense, professionally respectable ways to promote functional medicine while maintaining the highest level of integrity and protecting your reputation. Don’t forget that as a graduate of our program, you will have a certificate to frame and hang on your wall as well as the mastery of advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques to back it up.

Bonus #2: Available Now, Our Practice Marketing Program

After a little more polishing and formatting, we will be offering this next bonus soon as a separate Functional Medicine University course for $2495. Enroll now, however, and it’s yours now at no extra cost.

Called “How to Successfully Market Your Practice,” this comprehensive training gives you a solid grounding in the principles of effectively attracting and keeping patients so your practice builds and keeps on growing. In one convenient course, you learn the principles and methods of outreach you need to understand to develop one of the leading practices in your town and, as a matter of fact, in your state.

Culled from an investment of more than 28 years of study at a cost of over $200,000 in coaching and mentoring from the big names of marketing like Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson, Tony Robbins, Michael Gerber (E-Myth), Practice Builders and many others, it gives you only the best of the best, distilled to a system that has been proven to work for us and doctors we have mentored.

It saves you time, money and frustration by warning you away from what does not work and lets you in on the secrets of what does. This course is easy to understand and apply whether you live in a large metropolitan area or in the country, whether you’re new in business or a long-time practitioner.

Bonus #3:When You Graduate, You Join Our Exclusive Lead Referral System

We have a consumer health site that gets major attention from health-conscious consumers every single day. People who visit this site want to connect with health-care practitioners trained in Functional Diagnostic Medicine.

Upon graduation, you have the option to add your name and clinic information to our Functional Medicine Practitioner directory so that patients in your service area can contact you and set up appointments.

This online directory continually puts your name and credentials in front of tens of thousands of potential customers a year for your practice. Think of how much this kind of visibility would cost if you had to pay for it separately!

Indeed, just one new patient from this listing could pay for the entire FMU program over and over again.

A Review of What You Get When You Enroll

Let’s quickly recap what you receive when you sign up for the Functional Medicine professional training program that meets the highest standards and fits your busy schedule.

Included in the Course:

  • Our Password-protected, Private Training Site
  • 10 Information-Packed Professional Video Training Modules
  • Audio Versions of Every Training Video
  • Written Transcripts of every lesson
  • Supplementary Online Library, with Handouts, Questionnaires, Clinic Forms
  • Access to our exclusive FMU MAP (Mindmapping, Assessments and Protocols)
  • Interactive Online Forum, Where Instructors and Students Exchange Information
  • Exams That Let You and Us Know You’re Mastering the Material
  • Clinical “Hot-seat” Coaching Calls
  • Clinical Case Review Coaching Calls
  • Diploma-Style Certificate of Completion Suitable for Framing
  • CEU/CM Credits for Chiropractors, MDs, DOs, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Pharmacists and Dentists


  • Functional Medicine Marketing Blueprint
  • Supplementary “How to Successfully Market Your Practice” Course
  • After Graduation, a Listing in Our Exclusive Lead Referral System

Functional Medicine is our passion, and we care intensely that you get the best training information, the best help in implementing it, and answers to all of your questions.

Let us help you help more patients, make more clinic income, get more referrals to your practice and become so well-regarded in your community that you have a three-month waiting list.

Sign up risk-free, protected by our simple guarantee stated above.

To your health and success!

P.S. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a valuable new income stream to your practice, increase your ability to get to the root of patients’ problems and watch patients become healthier than ever before. Sign up today.