Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store, says that one great employee equals three good ones. And he’s right.

So the question is, how do you find and hire great employees?

I can show you how to find better people for your team in 5 steps.

SciLogs-What-you-want-part-oneStep 1 – Know What You Want

This seems pretty simple doesn’t it? It sure does.

Yet I am amazed at how little thought most business owners put into the process of really knowing what they want. Does the candidate need to be outgoing? Do they need to be detailed-oriented? Take some time and write down what you are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Of course, this isn’t “The Secret” or some law-of-attraction exercise, so you will have to do more than just write down who you want. But if you do this, you are off to a good start.

Part of knowing what you want comes from using your values. Values are crucial to this process. Have you ever hired someone who didn’t share your values? It sucks, I know. Let’s not do that again.

listingStep 2 – Choose The Right Channels To Advertise

I frequently get questions about why it’s necessary to go out and build relationship capital in the community. Near the top of my list of reasons to network is to find and identify top talent.

I’ve met people who are currently employed, but because I liked them, I gave them my card and told them to call me if anything changes. And it’s worked. I’ve received plenty of phone calls from these same people looking to make a change.

Many business owners spend a lot of time using tools like Craigslist. They do this primarily because it’s free. These tools can bear fruit, but you get what you pay for.

Step 3 – Create Your AdAdEmployment1

When you create an ad for a position, you are selling the position and the idea of working for your business. Many business owners wait to sell the position until the interview process. That is a mistake. Sell the position in the ad to get as many applicants as possible.

follow-directionsStep 4 – Give The Applicants A Few Small Barriers To Being Considered

It can be smart to put a few small qualifiers at the end of your ad as well as some questions for applicants to answer. This is a great way to see how well your potential candidates follow directions. If you want someone who is detail-oriented but the applicant forgets to send you a link to their LinkedIn profile like you requested, then that’s all she wrote. That candidate has been removed from consideration.

Step 5 – Interview For What You Need36081a323f93e1ac33d184b53f0f1bea

When you conduct the interview, make sure that you review your values and state what the position requires. Ask questions that allow the applicant to demonstrate times where they have been the type of person that you are looking for.

And remember, this is not the time to sell the position to the candidate. These candidates are not Tom Cruise and your company is not “The Firm.” At this point, the candidate should be selling you.

Also, you want to under-promise and over-deliver when giving someone a job. I see a lot of business owners that over-sell the position which then creates expectations from the candidate that aren’t realistic. This is a tough way to start the relationship.

Bonus Tip: If you can, have applicants do an on-the-job interview where they demonstrate their skills in a real-life situation. This is always a plus, so take advantage of it whenever possible.

Those are my 5 steps for finding and hiring great players for your team. If you’ve ever found hiring great players difficult, then follow these steps and see what happens to the quality of your applicants.

More importantly, watch your business grow and your stress level shrink.

Note: This article was co-authored with Brandon Allen


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