COD 016: Who is Dr. Beau Pierce

Beau Pierce Chiropractor


As a second generation DC, Dr. Beau Pierce has been exposed to the idea of total wellness for over three decades. Dr. Pierce represents an emerging digital generation that has proved social networking and online connectivity translates into growth and strength. His idea to meld Chiropractic with a custom engineered social network was made possible by the unique circumstances of lifelong professional exposure and the generation he was born into.

1622145_10152205219976499_46946382_nDr. Pierce serves as the CEO and Chief Innovator and works to continually develop and enhance value added digital functions that will facilitate global member interactions, awareness and resource sharing. His practice is located in Santa Maria, CA.

Top Three Core Values
  1. Family
  2. Integrity
  3. Mental Toughness


[quote_center]Together we will ELEVATE the Chiropractic Profession[/quote_center]