Day 4 of The Chiropractic Christmas with Dr. Christopher Kent


Today is Day 4 of The Chiropractic Christmas and who better to start your day with other than who we call here at Circle of Docs our “research curator” Dr. Christopher Kent.

As many of you know Dr. Kent was partner with Dr. Gentempo at Chiropractic Leadership Alliance for a number of years and worked tirelessly to amass what many believe to be the most impactful number of chiropractic related research articles to date.

Chris KentDr. Beau had an opportunity to do a podcast with Dr. Kent that spoke directly to the future of chiropractic research.

Today, Dr. Kent is giving away one of his favorite episodes of On Purpose that he has done this year.

If you are not familiar with the monthly On Purpose audio programs here is a snapshot of what it is about:

On Purpose brings the most important science, the latest news, and the most relevant philosophical discussion to the table – all available for you to listen to at home or on the go.

With On Purpose, you’re armed with the Research and Science to back up your work and communicate the power of the adjustment. Imagine convincing even the most ardent skeptics of Chiropractic in your community of the value you provide. When you’re informed, you are never alone!

The Politics surrounding Chiropractic care is always evolving – around the world. Keeping up with the latest legislative developments is critical to sustaining not just your business, but the Chiropractic movement. On Purpose keeps you up to date on these developments and gives you action steps when needed.

If you’re reading this, you already understand the importance of having the right mindset. Alignment doesn’t just happen in the spine – it happens in the mind as well. Our Philosophy discussions approach some of the most relevant topics stemming from the other two sections as well as from the Chiropractic lifestyle, offering new paradigms and ways of approaching common hurdles in growing your practice.



New research is being released every week with new findings, updated results, and case studies surrounding the effects of Chiropractic care. This information is prioritized and reviewed each month in On Purpose. When placed in your hands, it can spread awareness of the power of Chiropractic throughout your community.


The profession is under constant regulation, both from a health care standpoint as well as from an aesthetic one. It’s essential to know the goings-on in the United States and abroad when it comes to the growth of Chiropractic. On Purpose gives you the information you need to sustain the momentum that the profession is building throughout the world.


If you’re a Chiropractor, the reasons you get up in the morning are beyond just that of owning your own business and making money. The impact you have on your community and the world at large are often hard to approach and grasp, yet it’s one that every Chiropractor must face. In On Purpose we explore this responsibility and the many ways that our impact can be felt throughout our communities.

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When you click the box below you will be taken to a page where you can listen to the October 2015 Science Edition. We hope you enjoy the free episode and encourage you to take the next step and learn how being On Purpose will elevate your chiropractic practice and your self.


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