COD 032: Dr. Eduard Burt and Building Your Virtual Chiropractic Brand


Summary: Do you ever feel lost when it comes to the online world? Is having a web presence and blog a scary notion to you? If so, you are no different than 90% of Chiropractors around the world.  Listen in on this podcast as Dr. Burt shares some of his early struggles and pitfalls that he took when building his web presence and how it now has proven to be the biggest patient generator in his 6 practices.


cropped-eduard-burtDr. Eduard Burt, D.C. has been in active practice for 14 years. He manages six offices in a Greater San Francisco Bay Area and works three days a week. In the past 14 years he has applied the same organizational skills and marketing techniques in practice as he did when he was in a student clinic at Life Chiropractic West.

About 5 years ago he built his first blog which is exactly the same blog he currently uses for generating new patients for my active practice. He utilizes what works in a real world and have proven results in my active practice. His coaching and consulting services are real world examples and cases that will be presented to you as a 21st century practice marketing conditions dictate at the minimal cost and a maximum efficiency.

Links: ( where he helps other doctors with their online presence and brand building).

His Practices:

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