Chiropractor Adjusts Animals and Produces…. Miracles


aboYou may be thinking…“a chiropractor working on animals? Now that’s not something you hear about everyday”, and you’d be correct. Dr. Christina Cole is a licensed human chiropractor, certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) to work on animals. She attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate program, followed by Life University in Atlanta for her doctorate, and finally attended Options for Animals College of Chiropractic in Kansas to be certified in animal chiropractic. Dr. Christina finds that helping those unable to help themselves is one of the most rewarding experiences in this life.  She chose this career simply because her passion for animals is her driving force, and she knew this was a field that needed to grow. Those certified in animal chiropractic are limited, and only a handful of professionals actively practice in Michigan.

Growing up in Southeastern Michigan, she was able to spend much of her childhood volunteering with the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN), a group her father co-founded.

Her family has always been filled with four-legged members and currently includes three cats, Sammy, Snickers, and Tootsie, as well as rescue hound/terrier mix, Mowgli. She’s a die-hard Detroit Lions, Tigers, and Michigan Wolverines fan, thus proving her dedication in times of hopelessness. Dr. Christina is an active volunteer for O.A.T.S (Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles) in Ortonville, Michigan, where she adjusts the 20 therapy horses bimonthly in order to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible. She also serves as a member of the board of directors for RichMar Equine Retirement and donates her services to various rescue animals in order to enrich the lives of those not yet fortunate enough to have found a forever family. She has returned to the Oakland County Area and will be working hand in hand with various veterinarians to bring animal chiropractic and alternative health care for animals to the metro Detroit area.

Here is what a typical canine chiropractic adjustment looks like: