Let’s chat about chiropractic and pregnancy. For those of you that didn’t read my last post, What I Wish I Would’ve Known the First Time Around, I am the daughter of a chiropractor. My dad, Dr. Robert J. Natusch, Jr, DC, recently retired after near 40 years with offices in Northern New Jersey. My brother and sister-in-law are both licensed chiropractors at their family owned and operated practice, Upper Valley Chiropractic in Lebanon, New Hampshire (you can find them on Facebook).

Chiropractic and Pregnancy - Why the Two Go Together GrowingUpTriplets.com #chiropractic #pregnancy

Chiropractic – a Lifestyle of Health

My two siblings and I grew up vaccine-free, drug-free, and antibiotic-free. We never took over-the-counter pain meds or pills, even for headaches. If we had an issue, my dad would give us an adjustment and my mom gave us an herbal or holistic remedy and sent us on our way. To me, that was normal!

I was born at home. Those in attendance for my birth aside from my mom and dad? My older brother (21 months older) and my aunt, to tend to my brother while my mom and dad labored with me. I was mere minutes old when I received my first adjustment. It was our way of life and continues to be for my husband, our two sons, and I. It is our weekly preventative healthcare maintenance. Dr. John Tenpenny is our “primary” care doctor and if you’re in Florida, I highly recommend him.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy – Why the Two Go Together

Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re curious how chiropractic care and pregnancy can be in the same sentence. Some feel those two are taboo and many were shocked when I told them I’d continue to see my chiropractor weekly through my 9 months of pregnancy. The gasps came when I told them my chiropractor adjusted me while I was in labor with my children and he came to my house again after my children were born to give them their first adjustments, too! I’m sure I’m a smidge biased, but thankfully, this has become much more mainstream. And personally, I feel moms and babes are all the better for it!

I don’t have many official references for this post, except what I’ve heard my dad repeat in his lectures my entire life.

“It is vital for moms to get adjusted through their pregnancy and beyond. Since you’re gradually adding weight to your abdomen, that causes lower back stress. Your whole posture and skeletal structure slowly alters for the duration of the pregnancy. This can amplify current misalignments.”

But, let’s get a little more in depth as to why this is important while you’re growing another human being inside you.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy - Why the Two Go Together GrowingUpTriplets.com #chiropractic #pregnancy

(Please remember, I am not a licensed chiropractor. This post is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or health concern. This information is for educational purposes only.)

This image shows a few vertebrae within your spine. The vertebrae are your bones. The blue and red slivers are your sponge-like discs that cushion your vertebrae so your bones don’t rub on each other and cause pain. The yellow parts are the nerves nestled safely in between your vertebrae which send and receive signals to and from your brain to your organs. When that perfect structure is altered by things like bad posture, carrying your baby on your hip, sleeping on a pillow, crossing your legs, tripping, falling, carrying a purse on one shoulder, car accidents, sports, etc., etc. those messages are not able to be sent or received properly. It’s like a garden hose with the water on full blast, but there’s a kink in the line. The water won’t be at its fullest potential because there is a blockage. 
Chiropractic and Pregnancy - Why the Two Go Together GrowingUpTriplets.com #chiropractic #pregnancy
That’s the red nerve and disc within this picture. The organs which are connected to that nerve are not sending and receiving the complete message to and from the brain because the vertebra is putting pressure (a kink) in that nerve. That causes pain which may even be felt elsewhere in the body and not felt within the spine. You may treat the symptom of pain unsuccessfully until you get to the source which lies within the spine.

Just think for a moment, does that nerve have anything to do with the organ that helps grow your baby? Maybe it’s the one that represents your uterus. If left unadjusted, your body is not able to operate to its fullest potential and ability when growing your little one. Messages are not being sent or received fully. The consequences of not rectifying the issue may not reveal itself until delivery!

A simple adjustment (or series of adjustments depending on the severity and years of your life without chiropractic care) can aid in rectifying the issue and allowing your body to operate at its fullest potential and health while growing your baby.

How the Pelvis Benefits from Chiropractic

Let’s take a moment to look at how God designed our birthing pelvis.
Chiropractic and Pregnancy - Why the Two Go Together GrowingUpTriplets.com #chiropractic #pregnancy
Chiropractic and Pregnancy - Why the Two Go Together GrowingUpTriplets.com #chiropractic #pregnancy

Our pelvis is designed with a cartilage substance to connect our pubic (pubis) bone. During pregnancy, labor, and birth, the body sends signals to control that cartilage. When it softens, it’s time for the baby to soon make his arrival! If there is a communication kink somewhere within the spine, those signals would not be clearly communicated. You’d be so much better off addressing the misalignment (know as a subluxation) now – well before delivery day – so your body can relax in its designed location.

When people ask me if it’s safe to be adjusted during pregnancy, the analogy of the kinked water hose comes to mind. Our female bodies are created and designed to grow and carry a baby. A chiropractor’s job is to keep my spine in the correct alignment so my body can function to its fullest potential. During the most spine-altering 9 months in my life, I would never think to neglect my weekly chiropractic adjustments! That’s like deciding to stay home from the grocery store when you need food.

Every parent can say they only want the best, optimal health for their child once they are born. Being under a chiropractor’s care allows you the ability to give your child the best, optimal health while they are in your womb.

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