Change This One Metric In Your Practice and Collect $10K More Next Month [WEBINAR]


How well do you know your practice stats? Like really, really know them?

If you are like 99.99% of chiropractors you don’t know them that well.

Want to know one of the ‘secrets’ of the Top 1% of all chiropractors around the world?

They know their stats inside, out, and upside down.

Know you might be thinking, “I know how many patients I see each month and how much I collect. I am good.”

What if I told you that paying attention to just the one stat (in the above video) could change your practice completely in the next 30 days.

But are you?

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Have you ever heard of Blue IQ?

BlueIQ collects data from your management system, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Quickbooks. You can view and customize different metrics from the top as well as zoom down into one single location or category to isolate concerns or highlight wins. Growing your practice or group practice is easier with BlueIQ’s dental business platform.

BlueIQ combines your data across all locations into one easy-to-use app. You’ll see collections, expenses, and budget reports for all locations long before your CPA. You decide which reports to share to help manage collection activities and purchase orders. When your team is alerted to budget thresholds, you’ll keep your overhead right where you want it.

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