In an attempt to divert attention away from the growing opposition to California Senate Bill 277 which would require every child to be fully vaccinated according to the CDC advised schedule before entering school;  the California Medical Association has issued due warning to anyone not supportive of this bill.  Standing directly in their gun sights is the California Chiropractic Association. Their latest action against those in opposition came last week when the CMA filed a police report against members of the California Chiropractic Association.

What has been called a growing band of opposition made up mostly of “quacks and moms groups” has now garnered the attention of this powerful lobbying committee.


To help aid in spreading the word, it is apparent that the Sacramento Bee has been chosen to be the mouthpiece for the CMA during the last few days of tense conversation.  For what was originally known as a “balanced” publication the Sac Bee has only published articles in support of SB 277. The question begs to ask, “Who then is supporting the Sac Bee?” Perhaps this publication is funded by the CMA and drug makers. One would only assume that is the case when going to their website and seeing drug companies advertising on their front pages. Our investigation reveals this to be true and that the Sac Bee, in return fully supports SB277.  Apparently there is no such thing as fair and balanced reporting anymore.

To help further push the CMA agenda the Sac Bee published a piece yesterday on the front page of their website titled: Opinion: When lobbying becomes vigilantism

The manipulation of the media and the apparent overtaking of government resources by the CMA has many wondering what is to come if this type of strong arm maneuvering is already taking place at this time.  Concerned parents and citizens are now asking themselves, “If this is the way the CMA conducts business and “handles a group of people protesting” how will they act when they have free reign with inoculating whatever vaccines they want without our consent?”

Below is the CCA’s response to the police report that was filed by the CMA:


From Dr. Brian Stenzler to Dustin Corcoran, CEO of the California Medical Association,

Your letter uses six words taken out of context from an 84 second video clip to accuse the California Chiropractic Association ( CCA) of engaging in “criminal conduct” surrounding its opposition to SB 277. With all due respect, this accusation is absurd and nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to undermine CCA’s democratic right to participate in the legislative process, a conclusion made all the more obvious by the fact that your letter was promptly leaked to the media and shared with legislative offices.

Yes, CCA opposes SB 277 on the merits, as it believes that the bill is unnecessary, overreaching, unconstitutional and a violation of the principles of informed consent and parental rights. But like you, this is not our first rodeo. Since its creation nearly 90 years ago, CCA has supported and opposed hundreds of bills, and always comports itself professionally. Indeed, even in the deeply passionate debate surrounding SB 277, CCA has loudly and publicly denounced and inappropriate behavior, stressing in an April 29th press release that it “strongly condems inappropriate actions, personal attacks or threats of any kind.”

Your attempt to disparage CCA and defame me in order to create a short-term political advantage on a single piece of legislation is, to say the least, disappointing and beneath the California Medical Association (CMA), which itself has been in existence for more than 100 years. Our organizations should lead by examples and stick to the issues, not sling mud.

And rest assured, CCA will not be swayed by “bullying” tactics/ We will continue to vociferously advocate for our members interests, including SB 277. We will also strongly consider all legal remedies available to defend against further defamatory statements.


Dr. Brian Stenzler

The Circle of Docs team reached out for a statement from the California Medical Association and spoke with Molly Weedn, Associate Vice President of Public Affairs. She declined to give an official statement on the details surrounding the filed police report, but was quick to say that the reason for it being filed was to “divert the conversation away from the protests that was happening across the street and to be able to focus on the policy of the bill.”

Dr. Stenzler then took to the media to try and further clarify the position of the CCA and those in opposition of the proposed bill.

As this bill now heads to the Assembly floor and your freedom of choice continues to be debated by many across the country Dr. David Paris, CCA Committee Chair, states;[quote_center]”The CCA’s consistent position has not been anti-vax but pro parents rights and pro informed consent and anti any forced medical procedures. Our contention is that if there is a risk for any medical procedure there should be choice and informed consent. We must remember that informed consent requires not just being informed but consent…a humane and important concept really lost in all of this. [/quote_center]

As debate over this bill continues to rage on it is becoming more and more apparent that the CMA and those in favor of SB277 want not only the full rights to vaccinate your child, but are also willing to sacrifice your constitutional freedoms of free speech in the process.

Doctors, students, and those who are concerned with your civil liberties, perhaps now is the time for you to voice your opinion.