When it comes to alleviating your child’s ADHD symptoms, the power of play is indisputable. Games, sports, and the arts help your child channel their energies into fun activities that engage their mind, build confidence, and inspire goal-making. Give any or all of these activities a try with your child with ADHD. Together you might even find their next favorite hobby.

  1. Runningwings2-3Running is a great way for your child to burn off excess energy and clear their mind. Whether they want to join a team or go at it alone, running can help them wind down after school.

Running also has the power to give your child confidence in their abilities. The sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to run faster and farther inspires feelings of satisfaction and gives your child goals to work towards.

  1. SwimmingSwim_Team

Swimming is another great way for your child to get their body moving. The constant movement needed for swimming with proper form inspires self-discipline and focus.

Since many kids with ADHD suffer from lack of coordination, swimming is useful because of the water resistance it provides. Your child will be able to focus on their body movements more than they would if they were out of the water, especially since the amount of distractions available to your child when they’re in the water is minimal.

  1. Musicimages-7For a mind running wild with hyperactivity, the structure music provides can be very comforting.

Musical therapy is a popular treatment for people with ADHD because of its ability to increase brain function and break down social barriers.

Has your child ever wanted to learn to play an instrument or join their school’s band program? Encourage them to give it a try. If they enjoy making their own music, they’ll likely find that regular music practice helps alleviate their ADHD symptoms.

  1. TheaterScreen_shot_2011-09-20_at_2.35.44_PM

We’ve all heard the success stories of actors with ADHD who shine on stage. Drama, theater, and the arts can help your child channel their energy into creative outlets.
If your child has issues in math- and science-based subjects, succeeding with the arts will help give them the confidence they need to perform well in other subjects, too.

Talk to your child about what their hobbies and interests are and let this information guide you when helping them choose what activity they’ll engage in to help alleviate their ADHD symptoms. With your help and a willingness to try new things, they might even find a lifelong hobby in one of these activities.

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